Funeral Music Guidelines

The Music Ministry of St. Gabriel’s offers our thoughts and condolences to you and your family at this difficult time. In an effort to ease the planning of the funeral Mass for your loved one, we have assembled appropriate music from which you may choose hymns and psalms. All of the hymns are in the Heritage Missal which may be found in the pews of the church. You are asked to select an opening song to accompany the casket, family and friends into the church; a responsorial psalm after the first reading, an offertory song and a communion song. If you prefer, you may ask the music staff to choose the selections for the liturgy. The Gospel Acclamation (the "Alleluia") will generally be a Gregorian chant (unless the funeral mass occurs during the season of Lent), with the "Holy, Holy, Holy," "Memorial Acclamation," "Amen" and "Lamb of God" taken from The Mass of Creation by Marty Haugen. We have found that the “Lux Aeternae” ("Eternal Rest Grant To Them, O Lord") and the "In Paradisum" ("May The Angels Guide You Into Paradise") taken from the Gregorian Chant setting of the Requiem Mass are unsurpassed in beauty of text and music and will be sung in English (unless requested in Latin). The "Lux Aeternae" will be sung at the Final Commendation. It is recommended that the "In Paradisum" be sung at the departure from the church.

St. Gabriel's follows the guidelines for music in the Liturgy as set forth by the Vatican and the Archdiocese of Newark. These guidelines prohibit the use of secular, "pop" or Broadway songs before, during or after the Liturgy. We suggest that if your loved one had a favorite song which does not fit within these guidelines that it be played at the funeral home during visitation hours or at a gathering after the funeral service.

St. Gabriel's will contact the Director of Music and Parish Organist to inform them of the upcoming day and time of the funeral. A cantor will also be contacted. See the attached Music for Funeral Masses for the song selections.

Please take a moment to print out and complete the Funeral Mass Planner. The planner should be sent to Stacie at the contact information found at the top left of the planner, or brought to the church office at least two days prior to the funeral. If you have any questions regarding the music, please contact Stacie directly.

Every effort will be made to ensure a meaningful celebration of the Paschal Mystery and your loved one's life.

Stacie Yao, Directory of Music

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