The KEGG Pipe Organ OP. 42

The Parish Community of St. Gabriel the Archangel dedicated its new pipe organ on June 6, 2009. This was the culmination of a three year project which has resulted in an instrument far exceeding anyone’s expectations. The hand crafted, three manual, thirty-one rank organ has over 1900 pipes plus chimes and zymbelstern and was built by the Kegg Organ Company of Canton, Ohio. It is notable for being a totally acoustic organ with no digital components. The organ cases and consoles are stellar examples of woodworking. The instrument is generally regarded as one of the finest organs in Northern New Jersey and was the cover feature of the April, 2010 international organ magazine, ”The Diapason”.

The most important aspect of any organ is the ability to support and encourage congregational singing. The St. Gabriel organ is extraordinary in this regard. In addition it has the capability to sustain organ repertoire of any period and provide outstanding accompaniments for the church’s choirs.

Several notable artists including Ken Cowan, who gave the dedicatory recital, Catherine Rodland (organ) and Carol Rodland (viola), Scott Dettra and Fredrick Bahr have all given concerts on the organ proclaiming it an outstanding and extremely versatile instrument.

On June3, 2011 the Sanctuary Console, a gift of the Marron Family was dedicated with a concert by Scott Dettra. The addition of the console has enabled the organist and cantor to be relocated into the sanctuary area, thereby making them a more integral part of the liturgy and thus better able to lead and support the congregational singing.

A church organ has as its primary function the praise, honor and glory of God. The St. Gabriel/Kegg pipe organ succeeds this mandate in every possible way and will for many years to come.

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