Youth Ministry

The goal of St. Gabriels youth group is ultimately to lead every young person to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. This is accomplished by providing a platform for our young people to form faith-based friendships, discuss relevant topics that they face each and every day, convey the timeless wisdom of the Catholic Church, and to have a great time through it all.

The approach to our youth program is to combine faith, fun and prayer. Each meeting consists of a variety of engaging activities - games and icebreakers, relevant discussions, guest speakers and presenters, prayer activities and much more. Time for socializing is also incorporated.

The youth program provides ample opportunities for service, both within the St. Gabriel's community and to the less fortunate outside of our parish. We encourage involvement as lectors, ushers and altar servers. Periodically, we will run drives for the less fortunate, serve at soup kitchens, etc.

The youth program, run by our youth minister, Tom Pagano, is open to all high school teens. The group meets every Sunday night from 7:00 - 8:30pm in the Kavin Center..

Tom can be contacted at

Think On It




"Dear young people,
the happiness you are seeking
has a name and a face:
Jesus of Nazareth."

-Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI


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