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Welcome to BOLD Youth Ministry!

My name is Tiffany Clough.

BOLD Youth Ministry is new to St. Gabriel's. BOLD is not a youth group. It is a ministry to all youth in the parish. Our goal is to engage each and every teen in the parish in some way over the course of their years through middle school and high school. BOLD has many acronyms. Here they are explained.

Becoming Our Lord’s Disciples

BOLD is more than just a brand- it is a specific philosophy and structure of youth ministry. BOLD Middle specifically geared towards our middle school students. These events include, social, service, and group outings. Usually on a Friday or Saturday night. Check out our calendar for details about the next BOLD middle. Here are some acronyms

TNL=Teen Night Live TNL is the standard high school youth ministry meeting of BOLD. TNLs are held weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

PST=Peer Servant Team The PST is a group of high school volunteers who dedicate themselves to taking a leadership role in the program. They help plan and execute the TNL program, and receive guidance and formation from the youth ministry team.

CAST= Catholic Adults Supporting Teens The CAST team is made up of young adults (post high school), adults and parents. Some adult volunteers participate in TNLs and other programs as part of the Ministry CAST team. Others serve a more behind the scenes role on the Service CAST team or Youth Advisory Board.We are always looking for more adults to volunteer!

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you Sunday nights! - Tiffany

Here is the link to St. Gabriel's website on BOLD Coordinator of Youth Ministry: Tiffany Clough Phone: 973-498-8763

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Think On It




"Dear young people,
the happiness you are seeking
has a name and a face:
Jesus of Nazareth."

-Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI


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